About ALEH


  • ¡Hola mundo! Dr. Fernando Contreras ALEH President Dominican Republic
  • ¡Hola mundo! Dr. Raymundo Paraná 1st. Vicepresident Brazil
  • ¡Hola mundo! Dr. Marcelo Silva 2nd. Vicepresident Argentina
  • ¡Hola mundo! Dr. Alejandra Peña General Secretary Dominican Republic
  • ¡Hola mundo! Dr. Pascal Nuñez 2nd. Secretary Dominican Republic
  • ¡Hola mundo! Dr. Javier Brahm Past-President Chile
  • ¡Hola mundo! Verónica García-Huidobro Executive Director Chile


ALEH is a scientific nonprofit organization, which has the primary objective of promoting and disseminating Hepatology in a Latin American level, through fluid exchange with specialists in the area, local and international institutions and the community in general.

We want to achieve through its various academic and educational activities a position of strong leadership in the specialty, in local, Latin American and international levels.


The Latin American Association for the Study of the Liver (ALEH) was founded in São Paulo in 1968, under the leadership of Professor Silvano Raia, who initially thought of a society in South America. Thus was born ALEH, its first meeting was held in the city of São Paulo in 1968, with the participation of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. Although these countries continue to have great importance in the organization of society, there was a significant expansion of the member countries now involving several nations in South America and Central America.

Hepatologists in each country, linked to their local societies are ALEH members. This association has as main feature the scientific activities in the clinical area, not neglecting the basic area, but with less emphasis.

ALEH´s organizational structure has a Board that includes ALEH President, the next two Presidents, two Secretaries designated by the President, Executive Director and Past-President, in order to give continuity to the outlined actions, it also has a delegate from each member country, rule being the president of the regional society. In this way countries are represented in political and administrative decisions.

The official organ of ALEH promotion is the Annals of Hepatology, a publication based in Mexico, but with growing international indexing and stand out from the congeners publications.

In addition to continuing medical education and all those encouraging the development of Hepatology in Latin America, there is a Congress every two years, where the participation of speakers of each country who are dedicated to the study of liver disease, this is the time for a healthy exchange of scientific expertise and invaluable personal relationship that is essential to strengthen ties of friendship and working together. At these events, there is always the participation of researchers from Europe and the United States. This intercontinental union is becoming more present, once was tacked a partnership between the American Society for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD), the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) and ALEH since 2007. It is noted that this year, has been held in Washington – USA, the V Liver Global Summit, where representatives of the five continental liver societies Liver (AASLD, EASL, ALEH, APASL and AFASL) got together with the aim of strengthening ties. They were discussed political and administrative aspects of great importance.